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American Heritage Billiards Amelia Bar Height Stool,amazon mens hair products, Gray,sifting litter box

I am a PC user of the past twenty five years. When the time always inevitably arrived that I had to upgrade, sometimes I had to just update some memory, other times I had to replace the whole box in order to upgrade.

Well, in 2012, it is time to once again upgrade. I have been running a Windows XP box for a good long time. Which Microsoft’s announcement of the sunset date of Windows XP, I started doing some research. The more I thought about it, the madder I became. I was once again going to have to replace my box in order to upgrade to Windows 7. Enough is enough.

I already owned an iPad and two iPods. I have browsed by the Mac in computer stores before. With Apples reputation and their WOW factor, I decided to make the jump. This time if I was going to have to invest my hard earned dollars with a computer company, I was going to invest in reputation too.

I researched prices first. Since I have an Amazon Chase credit card, I knew that I would earn 3% cash back if I ordered it via Amazon.com on my Amazon Chase Visa card. Also, Amazon has an excellent reputation. I had ordered a 52″ LCD TV from them a few years ago, so I was confident that Amazon could deliver the computer just fine. On the MAC DAY, the day my iMac arrived, it was easy. It was well packaged and easy to get out. I just plugged it in, and registered it on my iTunes account. Next was the Wi-Fi set up. It was a breeze.

It has been such a great experience–making the switch from PC. It was a good decision for me. The iMac always starts in a short amount of time, and does not crash. It is very intuitive and has a very clean look with clean lines. Everything is exactly where it should be. The iMac is so very quiet and the display has a beautiful picture.

Apple, like Amazon, has captured my business for simply delivering on nothing short of what they said they would. I now own an Apple TV, and additional iPad, and an Apple Extreme router.

My one and only regret is that I did not make the switch to Apple iMac sooner. Those of you that are reading this that are unsure and sitting on the fence—GO GO GO now and order your iMac. It is easier than you think and your life and computing stress level will be reduced significantly.

Had some issues with the internet dropping. And the simple solution for me was moving the ZBox closer to the router and repositioning the antenna. The change in distance is little more than 3 feet. I wouldn’t have thought that short a distance would make a difference, but it did.

Tobacco Bonded Leather Cushion

Finished in Pepper



Thank you

American Heritage Billiards

Package Dimensions – Height


2795 hundredths-pounds

Package Dimensions – Length

Item Dimensions – Length

800 hundredths-inches



Package Quantity

Part Number

Consumer Assembly is Required

Adjustable Leg Levelers

Never seen a USB and sd card reader using the same access point. A great idea and it’s no problem to use. It gives us another 3.0 port and it’s a space saver on the motherboard. Ordered a hub that uses the 3.0 USB-type C port putting it to good use. So many 3.0 USB ports available. It’s one of the reasons I picked it.

My father-In-Law lives in Alaska and hunts a lot so this seemed the perfect Christmas gift for him.

Great value for money and great customer service. It arrived within days of me ordering this, and came in a lovely box.

I know he will love this when he opens it up on Christmas day.

I include the following info in case someone else has the same Windows installation problem with their barebones purchase. After searching the web, I find I’m not the only one to have the problem with Windows returning an error msg that it can’t install on the selected partition. Found lots of bad and useless information about why this error msg is received and what can and can’t be done about it. I found the simple solution on a youtube video. The install went smoothly by following the instructions on how to change mbr to gpt during the Windows 10 install. Setting the hard drive to gpt first didn’t work. Had to start out mbr and be changed during the install. That’s the way it was for me anyway.

I purchased a new 3.0 USB thumb drive with new class 10 micro sd cards. Couldn’t get the UEFI/BIOS to see them. And when it could see them, it couldn’t see my SATA hdd. After playing around with the UEFI/BIOS settings trying to get all drives to play nice, I decided to take out the motherboard battery to rest everything back to factory default settings. I decided to reformat the hdd, delete the partitions and rebuild mbr. Then everything was seen in UEFI/BIOS.

As everyone says, it’s as quiet as a church mouse. I have a performance monitor for the motherboard and the temps don’t fluctuate much (all fahrenheit): cpu 244, gpu 242 and main board 222, the fan is spinning away at over 2500 rpm (with variance at higher rpm’s).

360 degree Full-Bearing Swivel


List Price

Amazon customer service has been great through all the problems, with the Minix box dying and the Nexbox arriving DOA. First one I purchased was received April 5th and I just received the ZBox on April 26th. What a month, less than a month!

Excellent purchase!

1650 hundredths-inches

2460 hundredths-pounds









I was surprised and thrilled Customer Service sent the 8gb ram stick before I returned the 4gb one I received. Many thanks to them for that. And thanks for refunding the expedited shipping charges for the second purchase of this item! Pray you never get the BSOD during updates!

The UEFI/BIOS is robust. Not going to try overclocking the ZBox, but looks like the settings are there if you have the courage to try it. I use to do such things, but with a quad core, and so much ram available, I see no reason to try it. And after installing CPUID, I’m amazed, thrilled and delighted to report the cpu is running as fast as it can. CPUID reports a core speed of 2239-2241 mhz and change! I was not expecting that! The Minix pc I had to return ran at the lowest speed available. [EDIT: During an update where MS wants to finish the updates during a re-boot, CPUZ 1.37 caused a BSOD and trashed the ZBox. No way to boot up or get into BIOS. I tried everything, but another update kills my pc. Ordering another one of these. Not the pc’s fault. Setting updates NOT to update.]

I’ve had this just over one month and it quit charging. Apparently the charging port haas an issue. The ad for the item said it was refurbished. If it was it was not done well.

Item Dimensions – Height

Package Dimensions – Weight

1 year.

American Heritage Billiards

Number Of Items

Item Dimensions – Weight

So, I decided to go a completely different route this time. Wanted a different processor. I got the barebones box because I hate Windows Home and didn’t want to fool with it. The open box price was great. I have my old SATA hdd from my ASUS laptop and I can install the OS I want and have the amount of RAM I need. Amazing, the ZBox can use up to 16gb!

Boot up is slow. The reason it’s so slow is a pause during boot to give you a change to press the delete key (to enter BIOS) or F8 (for more boot options). I’m amazed the F8 option is there. You can probably change that in the BIOS, but I’m content to have those options there and I’ll put up with the longer boot up time.

Brand New 15.4 WXGA Glossy Laptop LCD Screen For Toshiba Satellite…

2050 hundredths-inches



Product Group



My Toshiba laptop was getting old and starting to show signs of needing to be replaced. The OS was Windows 7 and since I was familiar with that but not liking what I was reading about Windows 8 I decided to look for a new laptop with W7 (and a big screen). I had never heard of Acer before but the price was right and decided to give this make/model a try. Am I ever glad I did. This cost roughly $300 less than my Toshiba but performs countless times better. The video quality is fantastic (I subscribe to all the major sports packages so watching games online is a must in regards picture quality) and the audio is “stereoific”. The computer runs quiet as a church mouse and ice cold. For me this has been a winner many times over and from my experience would highly recommend.
American Heritage Billiards
I had bad luck with 2 mini boxes that I purchased using the Intel Cherry Trail processor with integrated graphics. First one, a Minix, received 3 graphics driver updates in a weeks time. There were 3 yellow exclamation marks on graphics lines in the device manager and it appeared to need a new driver to fix it. I backed up the old drivers, just in case. The last update left the box dead. Wouldn’t even try to boot to the BIOS. Searched the web and the Minix forum, but found no joy on what to do when the power light is pale green instead of vibrant blue. Using the reset was the only option and if it doesn’t work, basically you’re screwed! Get a new box. Second purchase (what was I thinking!), a Nexbox with the same Cherry Trail processor with integrated graphics. It arrived DOA. No idea what the problem was with it.

Video plays as expected, no problems there. Mouse and keyboard recognized immediately during Windows install.

I’m very impressed with the ZBox and wish I had found it before I purchased those other boxes. As you can well imagine!


American Heritage Billiards
4500 hundredths-inches
2920 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Width



1750 hundredths-inches


Product Type Name



Item Dimensions – Width

American Heritage Billiards

Installing the RAM and SATA hdd was easy. One little problem, Amazon sent the wrong ram. I ordered 8gb and they sent 4gb. New ram will be here later today (April 28th) and until it gets here I’m using the 4gb. Runs great with 4gb. I’ll get to see if there’s any difference when the 8gb arrives. And I can report the difference is negligible. You can’t have too much ram, but you can have too little. Just depends on how you’re going to use the ZBox, 4gb may be just fine for you.

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