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REFLECTIVE Cool Peace Frog Decal with American Flag,amazon mac products

Sold By: Weston Ink
(3rd Party Amazon Merchant)
Product Condition: New
Availability: In stock
(Usually ships in 1-2 business days)
Amazon Sales Rank: #224,598 in Automotive Parts and Accessories
MSRP: $4.95
Price: $4.95
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Total Offers: 1 offer
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Product Description:

Cool Peace Frog Decal with American Flag from Weston Ink. Place on your car, house windows or even get one for the walls for inside your house. This cool Coqui peace frog will always bring a smile to your face. Designed and produced in house using the the best materials and newest processes available. Using the newest printing technology with a 7 color process these graphics pop in color and are highly detailed. New inks also extend the life of the graphic for years to come without any fading.

This product is reflective. Made from the same materials used on emergency vehicles, our reflective products look just the same as the non reflective designs during the day but at night when light hits them they reflect grabbing your attention. With our special 7 color translucent ink reflective process all the color within the graphic reflects. It’s a great attention grabber for your vehicle as well as a great safety feature at night.

Product Features:
  • 4″ h – REFLECTIVE
  • Reflective Graphic
  • Highly Detailed
  • Easy to Apply
  • Will Not Harm Paint
Brand: Weston Ink
Category: Automotive Parts and Accessories
Product Type: auto accessory
Part Number: PLH007 FLAG 4R
Quantity of Items in a Package: 1

NEW HP Jaguar 15-bs080wm 15.6″ HD Touchscreen Intel Core i7-7500U…

Be careful when you buy a computer from Amazon. I bought this same computer 2 months ago and called dell today to have it worked on with the 1 year warranty. Dell told me my computer was made over 2 years ago and is no longer on warranty now. So my computer I bought 2 months ago sat for 2 years and then Amazon sold it to me and i now have no warranty on a computer that needs fixed that i cant used. I paid 569.00 for this exact computer 2 months ago and now going at it with dozens of phone and about 5 hours of calls to Amazon and are not getting any where with them.to to fix it. So I have a computer that is not working with no one to fix it unless i spend 300 dollars to replace the mother board which i dont have or will i pay since Amazon sold me a 2 yr old computer as NEW in the description as it said. its new yes it just sat around for 2 yrs. I talked to attorney today and he said even though this computer is out of warranty with dell Amazon is legally responsible to give me 1 year warranty on this because it was advertise as new and did not say no warranty. So i am going continue to call them everyday and if i have to i will take to small clams court

Bought from Fry’s for $1799. Well worth it. Runs everything I throw at it fully maxed out at 1440p. Runs cool and quiet as well. No bloatware.
I was suprised because the computer was shipped really fast. I got it into a very good condition and checked everything and everything seems really fine … I especially love the beats audio and the graphics. The HDD is ousm because it has 1 TB hdd. As I can see this is the best computer that you can find for 900 $. I’m very glad that I bought it. I recommend this computer to everyone who wants a perfomance for 900$.

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