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ipad covers,large map art, Size 7, pack of 5,Oval-8 Splint

I have been building my own computers for years, and decided to take a chance on purchasing a computer. CyberPowerPC came highly recommended by my friends. What a great decision! The computer arrived in a stout box, and in a timely manner. The setup itself is clean, looks good and has great components.

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10 hundredths-pounds

This is a brand new laptop with all the bells and whistles for a very reasonable price. The only thing that it is missing is a disk drive, but lately I have noticed that I don’t even need it on the laptop, and in return you get great interior components packaged in a very slim body. The sellers were very responsive and helpful resolving a small issue with the version of Windows installed. It had the wrong version, so they sent me a replacement very promptly. Very happy with my purchase.

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The keyboard is so similar to the MacBook it literally took just a few minutes to settle in and begin working on it. In my opinion, the keyboard is better on this machine than the MacBook Pro. Windows 10 is highly responsive and the response time moving from one application to another is extremely fast…absolutely no lag. The Harmon/Kardon speakers are far better than what the MacBook has… no comparison. The track pad is highly responsive… maybe a bit too responsive at times.

Great small size, lightweight, fits almost anyplace..
Zippo is the best!!! Delivered on time just as promised!!

Size 7 fits finger circumference: 2-5/16″, (5.86 cm)





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The fit and finish of the UX330UA is superb. The top is a highly finished aluminum and the bottom is a composite material that looks like aluminum but isn’t. I suspect they do that for the weight. The machine is far thinner and lighter than my MacBook… even though my MacBook Pro was a new 2016 version. The only issue there is that I can’t find a hard plastic protective cover for it… so had to go with a leather profile case by Broonel (you can get it here on Amazon). I think the top is too thin for any plastic protective cover to fit on it.

I had also read a couple of reviews that complained about the fan being somewhat loud. I found out that this was on a previous model of the Zen Book and ASUS has since really silenced the fan. At times, when the machine is under veer heavy load you can hear a very mild sound, but nothing really noticeable. All I can tell you, as someone that uses his laptop at least 8 hours a day for business, this is a great machine for what I feel is a very fair price. I would, and have, recommended it to others.

Treat up to six different injuries with a simple turn of the sppnt

Apgn and stabipze the PIP and DIP joints

Great product. A good buy.






It’s really a nice, classy-looking lighter. The artwork is high qulaity. It’s too nice to actually use though!

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Well their isn’t a lot to say about this laptop. It is an excellent machine and I have already recommended it to one of my clients. My son took my 1 yr. old MacBook Pro Retina to school and I really didn’t feel like spending another $2,600 on a laptop. I had also recently switched to the Samsung Galaxy s8, so I wouldn’t have the “Apple Eco System” anymore… so I decided to go for a Windows 10 machine. I wanted one with the same basic specs as my MacBook Pro and this machine filled those requirements… the only basic difference is that its a Windows PC and not an Mac OS based machine. The only other difference is the glass screen of the Mac and the non-glare screen of this one. And frankly, it is pretty hard to beat the Retina screen, but this one comes as close as it can get… I mean this model has a very, very good screen.

My 2YO is obsessed with fire trucks right now so he was so excited when he saw these! They fit perfectly and it look so adorable in them! The material is super soft and comfortable. I can’t wait to let him wear the other pair tonight and see the excitement all over again.


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The computer is amazing!

I will absolutely buy from CyberPowerPC again.

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Quad core Dual Lan mini pc Qotom-M150S 2G ram 8G SSD celeron N3150…

good fit.

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