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I was very pleased to immediately note the absence of two extremely bothersome issues that I repeatedly had with my old Dell 2710 AIO:

Package Dimensions – Height

Package Dimensions – Length



its nice easy to use

Part Number

910 hundredths-inches

Only possible buyer beware is entirely on Amazon – the PC’s box was placed inside a comically large box for shipping. Seriously, this thing is refrigerator sized. There was nothing in this larger outside box to keep the PC box from sliding. Luckily mine had 0 damage, but if yours also comes in the oversized box you may want to give everything a look over.
**Satisfaction Guarantee If you are not 100% satisfied with your order, be assured that, with your assistance, we will resolve the problem or promptly issuing a refund, credit, or replacement. However we do not refund shipping charges. Provide your order number and reason for the return by contacting us through Amazon’s messaging service to obtain an RMA number which must be marked on the outside of each return package. No credit or returns are allowed after 60 days from the invoice date.

Starwest Botanicals Inc.

1) While the power button on the new 7760 AIO is now smaller and more elongated than before, it works easily and consistently every time! It was a real chore to get my old AIO to turn on. I would have to press the round power button just right, holding it down and even trying different fingers at different angles of impact to get it to finally show some signs of life. I finally just left the 2710 AIO on all the time since I was worried that one day simply wouldn’t boot due to this extremely glitchy power button issue.

Starwest Botanicals Inc.


Origin: United States

Great PC and seller. Thanks
They Fit perfect in my 15 month old nephews !!! I also buy the batman version too!

Package Dimensions – Width

1 pounds

Product Type Name

Starwest Botanicals Inc.
610 hundredths-inches
111 hundredths-pounds

Is Adult Product

List Price






nice computer

Legal Disclaimer

70 hundredths-inches

Item Dimensions – Weight

1 lb (453 g)

cGMP Comppant (current Good Manufacturing Practices)

Starwest Botanicals


As a purchaser of the original Dell 2710 All-in-One in December 2012, it finally became time to purchase something new in early May 2018 when I started getting smart drive warnings about a likely imminent hard drive failure. I didn’t see much sense in replacing the hard drive in a now nearly 5.5-year-old PC with somewhat outdated technology and so I bit the bullet and bought this beautiful new Dell 7760 AIO directly from Dell online in the configuration with 32 GB RAM and a 1 TB SSD (currently still $2,999.99) adding a 4-year support/service plan, the needed external DVD/CD optical drive and a one-year MS Office 365 subscription.

2) There have been no instances of my monitor going black so far and displaying a warning related to the input timing being incorrect and requiring me to deselect the HDMI port which I had never chosen in the first place. The only way to solve this problem was to manually power down and then reboot. And this issue came up many times over the course of the 5.5 years that I owned the PC.

100% Satisfaction Guarante – Return Product for any reason for refund or replacement** (See details below)


The overall aesthetics and construction of the current Dell 27-inch AIO are clearly superior to the original version. It looks sleeker with its somewhat darker aluminum monitor and base despite the fact that it actually now weighs a few pounds more. The 4K UHD touch display is beautiful – although I don’t really need the touch capability – and in combination with the integrated 10 speakers it’s like having an additional television/stereo system around the house when the PC is not being used for more serious pursuits. The 100% SSD (no hybrid) is a real joy to use and in combination with the extra memory keeps all activities happily and smoothly speeding along. If you run a program like Glary Utilities occasionally, you will receive objective confirmation of the now much more rapid Windows boot time with an SSD. You will also not fail to notice this subjectively on a daily basis.

Bought this for the explicit purpose of using Chrome Remote Desktop extension to access my office computer while at home. Works very well for its intended purpose. Big 15 inch screen works great for side-by-side documents (via another Chrome extension). Nice big touch pad which takes a little getting used to but now I like it; it’s very responsive and accurate for cut-copy-paste, etc. The keyboard is OK, would be nice to have more key travel but I can live with it. Of course it’s a chromebook keyboard so there are some limitations there too. Plenty of room on either side of the touch pad to support my palms while typing. For a 15 incher, it’s pretty light, a bit over 4 pounds. Downside: The Screen quality. Not hi-def, and it’s a bit bluish, and the angle has to be set just right or it starts to fade out. The processor and RAM is minimal, but for working on docs it’s plenty good enough, and I can surf and watch You Tube videos no problem. For under $200 bucks, I can’t complain much.

Product Group

Hardware delivered exactly as advertised. Cord management is very good and the case offers a ton of room to work in for expansion or replacement. Exterior of the case is very minimalist which I personally liked but if you are looking for a sci-fi light show this is not the case for you.

I was very lucky in that Dell happened to be offering 12% off all computers on their website at the time of my purchase and thus I paid a total of 3,028.09 not including sales tax for the aforementioned items. However, the total price paid gets even better since Ebates also happened to be celebrating their 15-year anniversary at the same time and offered 15% cashback on all Dell purchases for an additional discount of $454.21 that I will be receiving in August 2018. Also adding in the 2% cashback that I always get on my credit card purchases the overall savings amounted to 29% off.

Everything has been smooth sailing so far during my first two weeks of daily use and I can recommend this Dell 7760 AIO, in whichever configuration you prefer, without reservations. I will report back on any unanticipated issues/problems if they should arise.

Worked perfectly.

Package Dimensions – Weight


Starwest Botanicals Inc.

Package Quantity




Love the all aluminum body and the display is simply fantastic. However it would have been even better with a numeric keypad which is sadly missing. Windows 10 Home was preloaded instead of Windows 10 Pro which was also not very nice. However satisfied with my purchase.

The windows install was clean apart from a few games that Windows 10 itself forces you to clean up. It took maybe 10 minutes total to go through all the options from the first power on to having a fully functional PC.

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