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OMyTea “Lace Pattern” 8.27″(21cm) Women Hand Held Folding Fans with Bamboo Frame – With a Fabric Sleeve for Protection for Gifts – Chinese / Japanese Vintage Retro Style (Black),strip lights for stairs,hooker tufted bed

I already have a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 but curiosity was killing me; I had to see what the differences were between the two model years. I think the Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 is a great tablet! I am a Galaxy Tab fan from the beginning. I still have and use a Sprint Galaxy Tab sph-p100 which is now several years old, but has been tweaked in nearly every way. I have watched the Galaxy Tab line evolve from the beginning. The GT4 8.0 is an evolutionary change from the 3.

The introductory price was lowered by $30 on the first day of its release and it is currently $60 less than the introductory price of the GT 3 8.0. To keep the price down other than the processor and the newer operating system there are no other notable improvements and some compromises were made. The speakers and cameras were downgraded and the data/power cable was shortened. The cable that was used to output an HDMI signal from the GT 3 8.0 no longer works with the 4. I find this very disturbing. Even my original Galaxy Tab has HDMI output through an adapter. In most ways this was less of a performance upgrade than a response to current market conditions. Because of the competition in 8″ tablets… at the current price point consumers expect a more modern quad-core processor. That is what we got.

My first impressions…

To me the GT4 8.0 seemed slightly zippier than the GT3 8.0. However when I ran the applications that I actually use on a tablet most of the time (web browsers, book readers, video and music players) with the two tablets side by side there were no appreciable differences. So I have to admit that my first impression may have been psychological… knowing that the newer unit has a quad core processor vs a dual core in the GT3 8.0 gives the expectation that the GT4 8.0 would be faster. I ran approximately 20 benchmark programs on the two tablets side by side. The GT 4 8.0 was faster by most but not all measures.

The Gtab4 8.0 has the same processor as the Motorola Moto G. In nearly every benchmark I ran the scores were almost the same as the Moto G. Since the Moto G has been out longer… if you want to know how the GT4 8.0 is going to perform using a certain benchmark just look at how the Moto G performed; you will most likely be within a very few percentage points.

Most notably on the initial runs using the Antutu Benchmark program… the GT4 8.0 earned a score of 17281 and the GT3 8.0 received a score of 15263. On the Antutu 3DRating Benchmark the 4 got a score of 2765 and the 3 just 1870. Neither is a speed demon compared to many other Android Devices. Neither tablet is meant to be a maximum performance gaming device. Overall however both tablets have a lot of features for entry level tablets as noted in other reviews and both are very good, well rounded devices.

Compared to the GT3 8.0, the GT4 8.0 shines running applications which take full advantage of its 4 processors and on chip Graphics Processor Unit. There are benchmarks where the GT3 8.0 outperforms the 4 due to its faster clock speed and the design of its processors and gpu. Overall, however one must reasonably conclude that the new processor in the 4… future proofs it more as compared to the GT3 8.0. It will be interesting to find out what type of overclocking potential the processors and GPU have. Whether either unit has any practical real world advantages for the a particular user depends entirely on the applications being used. A budding tablet gamer would be better off with the 4.

My guess is that most users who do not run 3D games, photo or video editing apps would not be able to tell much if any difference using typical applications. Unless there are applications that you want to use that you know are CPU intensive and are going to run better on the quad core tablet it would not be a worthwhile upgrade for most. If however you are making a decision about which tablet to purchase… I would be willing to spend a little more on the GT4 8.0 than the GT3 8.0.

Some advantages of the 3 are:
1. It has been out for a while and has a lot of community support. It is easy to root; there are many custom ROMS and setups that one can take advantage of without having to reinvent the wheel.
2 .The 3 has loads of cheap accessories available through eBay, Amazon and numerous retailers.
3. The 3 has better speakers and cameras.

Some advantages of the 4 are:
1. It has a newer quad-core processor that out performs the 3 in many benchmarks.
2. The Kitkat Operating System… as annoying as it is to have to learn new features… it is an upgrade. There probably already are custom ROMs to upgrade the GT3 8.0, but there are advantages to having a factory supported OEM version with the latest OS.
3. The back of the 4’s case has a faux leather finish that is not a fingerprint magnet like the shiny 3’s is. Personally I never take the 3 out of its gel case because you can’t pick it up without getting nasty looking fingerprints all over it’s beautiful shiny white exterior.
4. {{{edit 5-18-14}}} After using the 4 for over two weeks I can report that in its stock configuration plus a couple dozen of my favorite apps, that it seems to have exceptional battery life. I normally charge most devices that I depend on such as my phone every night. I haven’t charged the Galaxy Tab 4 for several days and have used it regularly, often with the screen at full brightness and the battery is still indicator still shows that it has 64% left. If you leave it in standby mode and don’t use it… I can now report that it doesn’t seem to lose more than a couple of percentage points of battery life in a day. I am pleased enough that I raised my rating from 4 to 5 stars. Kudos to Samsung for not putting a bunch of battery eating fluff in the stock configuration!

Some disadvantages of the 3 are:
1. Older Operating System.
2. Dual Core vs Quad Core processor… albeit running at 1.5ghz as opposed to 1.2ghz
3. The shiny case attracts fingerprints.

Some disadvantages of the 4 are:
1. Lower quality speaker and cameras. The speaker is in the back so if you cover it or lay it down flat it will be muffled. The 3 has great speakers and goes louder to begin with. The 4 doesn’t sound bad but it is not as good as the GT3 8.0.
2. The case has different dimensions than 3 so there are very few custom molded gel cases currently available. This of course should improve within a month or two.
3. It is so new that currently there is very little support in the tablet community… you will probably have to wait a while to run your favorite applications that require rooting.

I took many pictures and videos of the two units running side by side. When I get the chance I will try to post those in updates to this review.

{{{Update 10-11-14}}} We have had the Tab 4 since May and it has served us well. I am disappointed that Samsung still hasn’t released a firmware update that would allow one to attach an HDMI adapter to this device and display content on a High Definition Television. It seems ridiculous considering that all of our Android phones, a $75 Chinese tablet, and our 4 year old sph-p100 Sprint Galaxy Tab 7 all have working HDMI adapters. As far as I am concerned Samsung has really dropped the ball on this. Samsung, why has this still not been corrected after nearly 6 months?

{{{Update 12-02-14}}} One thing that I forgot to mention in my review that has been used a lot by my family is the IR Blaster. This is a feature on both the Tab 3 and the Tab 4 that allows you to use them as a universal remote control. I have found that with a $6 App from the Play Store that this is an incredibly useful feature and there is no limit to the number of remotes that you can emulate. The App that I am using has half a million remotes already in its database. These can all be customized easily. It can also learn commands from the IR signal if you have a remote not in the database. I have got a whole lot of supposedly universal remotes but none seem to work as well or as easily as this feature on the Galaxy Tab.

So, in conclusion… if you already have a Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 the GT 4 8.0 is most likely not enough of an upgrade to justify purchasing the 4 unless you have a family member who could use a hand me down or any other excuse that you can make up. If you are looking for a new tablet I would recommend either the 3 or the 4 because of the features they both provide features that have been well covered in other reviews. I would be willing to pay a little more for the 3 than the 4 but not more than around $30 at this time. Basically, if you plan to use the tablet for processor intensive applications such as editing photos or playing the latest 3D games you would probably be better off with the 4. If you want to take pictures with your tablet and like to listen to the built in speakers I would lean towards the 3. As far as browsing the internet, staying connected, watching videos or looking at pictures I doubt whether you will be able to tell the difference. Both are good values as far as I am concerned.


Package Dimensions – Height





Lovely computer! It’s just what we needed. Lightweight, fast, and reliable!

Package Dimensions – Length


40 hundredths-inches

170 hundredths-inches


Product Type Name

840 hundredths-inches
Toshiba PRT12U-00R002 Portege X20w-d1252 – Intel – Core I5-7200u – 2.5…

Part Number

Item Dimensions – Height

☞ 【OMyTea】 makes the best folding fans

Works perfectly and is much easier and more reliable then my old butane reach lighters!
If I could give it 6 stars I would nice heavy mans lighter thick as usual made well love zippo’s. Brass is very nice and the eagles stand out can not say anything at all I did not love about this lighter.


870 hundredths-inches


30 hundredths-inches




List Price




My I pad is a real good instrument to do what you need and it’s so quick and the movies are shown real clear with no interruptions , just like the movie show, the apps load uicker than you can say vat, a great buy.
100 hundredths-inches


☞ 【Lace Pattern】 is the most popular series of OMyTea folding fans

Let me preface how I’m reviewing, I’m a casual gamer that plays a variety of types of games from FPSs, MOBAs, 4Xs, RPGs, and others. I upgraded to this computer to play games that my 4 year old gaming laptop was unable to run without either turning graphics settings way down or with playability issues (stuttering, long load times, excessive heat, etc). I was specifically looking for a laptop that has a high portability for factor AND high capability to play most if not all current games at very high settings.
So far my impression is that the computer does everything I want it to. I’ve played a variety of current games at very high settings and the experience has been enjoyable. Am I getting the highest frame rate that a cheaper home built desktop PC will get using the best components, no. Am I getting a play experience that meets or exceeds my requirements for portability and play most games I want to play, yes. There are many reviews that go over benchmarking so I won’t go over that.
Some highlights:
– Other people have mentioned the overall high build quality which I generally agree with. The laptop seems sturdily built and will probably hold up to the amount of travel I do in cars/planes. Still, I plan to transport in a padded bag to avoid damage and prolong longevity. The weight is perfect. Heavy enough that I don’t feel like I will break it by opening the lid and light enough that I really don’t mind putting the laptop and charger in a bag and walking around with it for an extended period of time.
– Convenience features seem well thought out: usb port for a mouse dongle so it doesn’t catch on anything during transport, built in RJ45 port so I have once less USB attachment, relatively slim power brick for the type of laptop this is, and etc
– PredatorSense: Easy to use interface for someone that doesn’t want to or have the time to learn how to do basic overclocking or adjust other settings like keyboard lighting or fan settings
– Trackpad at the TOP: This may be the point that sold me on the Triton 700 vs other offerings. Most people will say that they are used to having the track pad at the bottom and the Triton layout goes against everything they know. I actually hate the track pad at the bottom as no trackpad has ever found a good balance for me between working when I need it to and not taking the random bumps from my big hands to send the mouse cursor flying when I’m just typing. I regularly disable the trackpad on other laptops I use and would much rather use the finger dot/nipple things. So the trackpad at the top is a huge plus for me. I don’t have to disable it and can use whenever I want without having to worry about inadvertent bumps. Good job Acer! Side note: trackpad on the right was not appealing to me as I actually use the number pad for work and I have not seen a good trackpad that can be used as a number pad when they occupy the same space. Also feels like trackpad on the right shifts the keyboard too far to the left for how I prefer.
– Keyboard is really a good tactile experience. Not sure how to describe this but others have said its “clicky-ness” makes it really good for gaming. Downside is that its more noisy than a standard laptop keyboard.
Some negatives:
– There is a faint high pitch noise coming from the fan. I’m not concerned about the volume of the fan noise but rather why there is a high pitch noise. Difficult to describe but concerned it could be related to some kind physical issue with the fan (e.g. spinning off axis possibly leading to premature wear) I’ll give another update in a few months to see if this noise gets worse.
– I did notice the gap between the screen and the frame that another reviewer talked about. In my example the gap is fairly small. I could probably slip a few sheets of paper stacked on top of each other in the game but probably not a penny. Would have liked to see no gap but I don’t think this will cause an issue
– There is annoying startup noise that basically announces to anyone around you “I’m playing a gaming laptop”. I’m told that this can be disabled in bios but haven’t check how to do it
– Speakers are a little wimpy. I went from a Falcon Northwest TLR with excellent speakers but also bulky, to the Acer Triton 700. Only so much Acer can do with the space available for speakers. Get some good headphones.
– Cost…this is sort of a given. Can you buy a cheaper computer that can perform better? absolutely yes. Can you buy a cheaper computer that weighs less and has a smaller form factor? yes. Can you buy a cheaper computer that performs at a relatively high level for a gaming computer and is highly portable and light weight? ….kind of. The Asus Zephyrus is comparable product that attempts to address the same buyer and is cheaper at the time of this review. For various reasons, I prefer the Acer Triton 700. But it will cost you more. Some factors I didn’t like about the Asus: 1) the plate on the bottom opens when you open the lid. I see the benefit for airflow but in my experience, additional moving parts increases probability of some kind of mechanical failure. Lots of travel and bumps don’t seem friendly to this kind of design. Time will tell if it’s a solid design or not. 2) Trackpad is in an awkward position…see above highlights. 3) Other users have complained about the Asus Zephyrus screen. From my observation, I don’t have the same light bleed issues Asus users have complained about. I do have IPS glow but its not horrible by any means. 4) The Asus upgradability compared to the Acer has less options and less convenient than the Acer. 5) Not a fan of the color scheme 6) I actually wanted 32Gb of ram there are some other things but those were the main things.
Overall who is the laptop for:
– Buy if you place a premium on portability or travel frequently and are a casual gamer that plays a variety of games but do not need to play at a professional competitive level. To draw a car analogy: The Acer Triton 700 is like a high end sports car driven off a dealer lot. Its lots of fun to drive, will out drive most of the other cars on the road, and you can use it as a daily driver if you wanted. But if you were to enter the same car into F1, Indy, NASCAR, 24 hour Le Mans, WRC Rally, or any other large scale professionally sponsored racing event, you would not be competitive.

Overall who is the laptop not for:
– Do not buy if you demand highest possible specs for getting that extra n-frames per second
– Do not buy if you don’t anticipate needing to travel a lot with the laptop. There are heavier/larger laptops that are cheaper and perform better.
– Do not buy if you don’t anticipate travelling at all. You can buy/make a desktop that will perform much better for less money

UPDATE: After roughly two months of use, can say that I’m still very happy with the Triton. One issue though concerns me as there seems to be some quality issues with the mechanical switches in the keyboard. I have intermittent use of my 6 and Q keys. Sometimes they work and sometimes they don’t. In trying to trouble shoot, it appears that they are very sensitive and only register a key press if I hit the key at a specific angle. Unfortunately that angle is an unnatural angle for normal hand position on the keyboard. Thought about pressing down and wiggling as I’ve heard that has helped others but afraid I’ll have the opposite effect of causing a complete failure of the switch and wont be able to use those keys anymore.

☞ 【NOTE】 Each fan and sleeve is handmade so that it may look spghtly different from the images

Fan-Lace Pattern-Black

Product Group


☞ 100% handmade with Silk & Bamboo




Item Dimensions – Width


Beautifully refurbished. Perfectly functional. Love it.

Item Dimensions – Length

Material is a bit thin. But breathable which is good for the summer months. It ran a bit tight in the tummy. My son is 6 years and 50inches tall and 55lbs. He has a slim build and I found it a bit tight in the mid section. Also I’m concerned it may shrink after washing. I’d recommend ordering a size up.

Package Dimensions – Width



2 hundredths-pounds

Package Quantity


Package Dimensions – Weight

Nice pants, but had to order 2 pair, because of in a time crunch, and not certain, since ran small. I ordered the size 18 and 20 for my slim 13 year old. He is 5′ 6”. 110 lbs waist is 29”, hips, 32, inseam 32 . The 18 was quite small, and the 20 fit perfect. The 18 was too short and he could not button them. The pants are so well made look like grown up pants. Not kids. Wash really nice, and wrinkle free.


☞ Opens to 8.27 x 13.75 inches, Folds to 8.27 x 1 x 0.4 inches

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