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Homestat Farm Organic Steel Cut Oats & Chia with Flax and Rye Flakes Cereal (42 oz.),modern grey sectional,amazon nars makeup

No additives, flavorings or colorings

Dell Vostro 360 AIO All-in-One Computer – Intel Core i3 i3-2120 3.30…

High in whole grains and fiber

Homestat Farm


HP ProBook x360 11-G1 EE 11.6-inch 2-in-1 Convertible HD Touch-screen…

Package Quantity

Poor quality material
Homestat Farm

List Price


Package Dimensions – Weight


I got this as my fiances graduation from bootcamp gift. I know typical boot move of me but it’s so cute, everyone liked it better than the typical EGA ones. It’s a typical zippo though, a little oily but works well, the paint did start to chip pretty easily from just being by itself in the cup holder of my car so that sucks


Package Dimensions – Width

Product Group

Homestat Farm

720 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Height

Homestat Farm


1044mg Omega-3 per serving

290 hundredths-pounds

Package Dimensions – Length


Handsome shirt. I think it is a little bit to big. Mostly long so if you want to go more casual and have it untucked with jeans it looks funny. The thing I love the most is that it doesn’t wrinkle! I usually end up leaving my clothes in the dryer for a couple hours and it always comes out looking great! I will buy more from this brand because of this.


Full disclosure. I bought this from someone other than Amazon! But my review is on the product not the delivery or customer service. As an IT guy for over 16 years I can say that this system is great for what you get for the price. It has the power to handle most things besides high end graphics rendering (aka high-end gaming or development). It also has 2x HDMI (1080) ports which for this price no system i have found has. Honestly the only downside to this system (which may be a one-off related to my system) is that the Hard Drive is really loud. It sounds like a person is cooking a muted pan of popcorn all the time. The 1tb hd which is large and very sufficient is great and if you are going from a system with a standard (non-ssd) hard drive then its not much of a difference. I went from an ssd to this so i realize that HDDs are louder but this HDD has almost a permanent click and hum to it that is a little distracting and annoying but not enough to negate the performance vs price ratio of the system. Plus the system has room for other cards including graphics so this could be a great starter system for a broke gamer who wants a good starter system.





929 hundredths-inches



USDA organic


Is Adult Product


Amazing PC. Would recommend to anyone wanting a really powerful computer for a low price!
Was a little worried as the price was very low but it works perfectly and I am very happy.
I got this computer for school. Works well for browsing and classwork. Smaller than my last computer and longer battery life. I have been using this computer for the last month and have had no problems with it at all

331 hundredths-inches
Homestat Farm

Product Type Name

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