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healthy beauty care online shop,Saila “Black Gold” Extra Pure Licorice (6 x 10g Tins),the most popular items on amazon

We order more when they outgrow them, because they do love them!

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It started up great, had no issues with it yet. It is VERY quite compared to my Alienware R4 Aurora(2012). I played Overwatch on ultra settings and the map loaded right away. I can’t wait to start streaming on this pc.


Cloetta Italia | Saila


400 hundredths-inches

Package Dimensions – Width

Sweet Imports


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400 hundredths-inches
800 hundredths-inches


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These socks are a great quality, especially for the price. They are thick and have a nice arch support. I bought these because my son outgrew his 4T crew socks. He wears a size 11 in preschool size. I decided to get a M, but the socks were much bigger than expected. I should have ordered a small. The sizes say little boys, but that was misleading.

My boys all love these tanks, though I would say they run a little bit short! Maybe that is good so they don’t show under the bottom edge of the shirts.

Perfect Tablet Day 1. By day 2 can’t use touch screen while charging. After a few short months. Can’t use magnetic charger at all only charges to 60% often have to power off to even get that much. Acts like the charger is being inserted and removed every second. Screen on the whole time while charging. Charges to it’s max of 60% very very slow.

Cloetta Italia | Saila
My old monitor died — this unit was a direct replacement. I had to have the USB’s for tablet and phone charging.



100 hundredths-pounds

Number Of Items

no complaints , good buy.

Great transaction. Item as described.
Dell Inspiron i3650 Desktop – 6th Gen Intel Quad Core i5-6400…

Since 1937, this is the first Saila product ever, and still the purest form of pcorice

This is a great little computer but it really isn’t for everyone. It’s whole premise is that users will work online rather than through installed apps, such as Microsoft Word, that are normally used offline.

This means you have to have a stable Internet connection. They give you a free T-Mobile connection but I’ve always had trouble using their services inside of houses and building. I live in the Philly-Baltimore-Washington corridor so you would think their service would be the best in this area but it isn’t.

You can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi but that depends on your ability to connect to Wi-Fi. If you don’t have Wi-Fi, in your home, using the T-Mobile service might be a problem in your area.

I have several laptops, of various sizes and ages, but all of the newer ones are heavy or large which makes them inconvenient when traveling. I have been using my Kindle Fires, when out and about, but now I plan to do a lot of traveling so I wanted a small computer to take with me on flights and road trips.

I checked out the PCs but couldn’t find one that wasn’t more than I wanted to spend for a device I’d only use sporadically. Then I came across the Chromebook and decided to take a chance. At $330, it was right in my price range and I it would allow me to read my Kindle books and play my music. It will even play movies for when you really want to watch a movie while on the go.

So I ordered my Chromebook and started playing with it. The first thing I noticed was that it required it’s own apps as it doesn’t use Android, PC, or Mac operating systems (OS). I downloaded a few apps and found they were similar, in scope and complexity, to Android apps. None of the ones I downloaded were up to par with MS or Mac programs.

I also couldn’t find the variety of software available for PCs and Macs so you have to be prepared to find your software severely limited for the time being. This will probably change, as time goes on, but it will be awhile.

I also noticed that web pages took longer to open, on my Chromebook, than on my MS laptop using the latest Internet Explorer browser. This isn’t a big problem but I imagine I will experience even slower web service when I have to use T-Mobile.

To provide off-line disk space I bought a SanDisk Cruzer Fit 64GB USB 2.0 Low-Profile Flash Drive which fits snugly against the side of the computer with only about 1/4 inch of it protruding. If I find I use the Chromebook, more than I currently expect to, I will upgrade to a 256GB flash drive so I can have more choices of books to read and music to listen to while traveling.

One thing I really like about the HP Chromebook is the keyboard. I have longish nails and it is really easy to type on the keyboard.

To get shift lock, you have to press the search key and shift at the same time. It is awkward but I got used to it fairly quickly.

I also missed the function keys I’m so used to, but again, the Chromebooks isn’t meant to replace a PC or Mac. It is intended for the light computer user who mainly likes to surf the Internet, use eMail and social media, stream movies and music, store photos, etc. You really don’t need a PC or Mac for such tasks.

I am very impressed with the quality of the HP Chromebook screen. It is very sharp and seems to resist light reflection which makes it a good choice for outdoor use. I plan to take it outside with me when I sun bathe for my 20 minutes each day.

I believe the rest of the Chromebooks features are mentioned on the Amazon page. So far, I have found everything to be as they described it.

The only thing, not mentioned, is that the Chromebook stays nice and cool on the lap. This makes it great to use in hot weather.

I would like to point out that you need to consider carefully just what you want the Chromebook to do for you as I have bought many a full-featured PC laptop, for the same amount of money, during the summer months when the new PCs come out. If there is any chance you might want a larger variety of software to choose from then you should go with a PC or Mac laptop.

Last year, I bought a fabulous Asus, 17 inch, HD, light-weight PC laptop for little more than the HP Chromebook. I can do just about everything on it but it isn’t nearly as portable as the HP Chromebook. I can slip the Chromebook in my purse and be off to the physician’s office or to a meeting.

And that, I think, is the main benefit of the Chromebook. I bought the 14" version but there are even smaller ones if you really want to travel light.

All things considered, the Chromebook isn’t perfect for everyone but it will work out great for many people The trick is to consider what you want to use it for and then see if it offers you those features. If it does, I think you will love using you HP Chromebook.

Cloetta Italia | Saila

Package Dimensions – Length

Item Dimensions – Weight

Cloetta Italia | Saila

26 hundredths-pounds

Is Adult Product

List Price


Package Dimensions – Weight



They can be used for undershirts or just worn plain!


My kid is 5 years old. This size is 6-7, but I don’t think it will fit on my kid next year. Beside that, my little one love it and it will do its job for the 6th B-day.

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