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cheap laptops,Dentyne Pure Mint Melon Single, 10-Count Packages (Pack of 2),fishing rod holders for trucks

Alienware ALW17 17 i7-4800MQ 2.70GHz 8GB 750GB nVIDIA 4GB 780M FullHD…

Depciously crisp and minty with a hint of refreshing fruits & herbs

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Well worth the investment, along with swift customer service. I am very satisfied, thank you. It is a breeze to set up. Pretty much future proof, plenty of ease to upgrade graphics cards later on. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a high-end gaming PC.

551 hundredths-inches

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Got my items today, 2 days before scheduled delivery. Everything looks exactly as pictured. Flint works great & whenever I’ll need a new wick I’m sure it’ll work great.


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My 7 year old loves it.

1000 hundredths-pounds

A unique mix of flavor, antioxidants and an activating enzyme

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347 hundredths-inches

Works great, excellent design.


1000 hundredths-pounds


551 hundredths-inches



228 hundredths-inches

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I connected my gaming PC to my Samsung Curved 4k 55″ SUHD HDR KS8500. So far, I’ve been using it from “PC mode” to “gaming mode”. Looks amazing with Windows 10. I decreased the screen magnification from 300% to 250%, seems to work well for me. Keep in mind, I’m only sitting roughly 4-5 feet away from the TV. It is a simple procedure to connect any TV with this PC.
Great laptop work fast no problem so far 🙂

Would have given it five stars had it fit in the case I had for my previous Mini. The new one is a skosh bigger, and simply won’t fit in the case. Probably a way for Apple to sell more cases? Other than that, I’m totally pleased. No problems getting it set up with the info in the Cloud from my previous one.

347 hundredths-inches

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228 hundredths-inches

Be warned, nothing but trouble with this one. Purchased June of 2017, I always use the charger that came with it, consistent error messages that there’s not enough pull from the charger to adequately charge the battery. Interal batttery, so I can’t even change it. Now, at just 11 months, I cannot get into it whatsoever and it says hard drive not installed. This computer has never been handled roughly or abused. It will be my last Dell.


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