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My son is into camo everything. I found these cargo pants a great fit plus they look great on him. He says they are very comfortable so Ive been buying this style for some time. They are not easy to find in stores so I was happy to see Amazon had them for sale. They tend to be thinner than denim so they aren’t as durable as I would like. Still I will continue to buy them. I’ll just have to buy them a little more frequently than the denim cargos.







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Great laptop… had it for a few days. Has a pretty loud engine, but with headphones nothing is heard. Runs games like counter strike and fortnite very well with about 12-150 FPS. Definitely would recommend

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Had to return. Do to bad ram.

My son is growing so fast. I believe he will grow into these fast. Nice thick cotton.
The socks are not only cute, they were thick, comfy and of nice quality. They have washed and worn wellI. I would certainly purchase these again👍

So basically what we use these bad boys for now has been reduced mostly to Facebook & email & surfing the web. What they’re CAPABLE of however is so much more.

Pros: Small as hell. Designed extremely well. QUIET. (seriously, you have to strain to hear it). Good processor. 500gigs of space. Relatively good bang for the buck. RF sensor right on the front of the unit so if you have a nifty universal remote you can control iTunes & whatnot with it. Pretty ok video card. HDMI output. Most stable OS on the market.

Cons: 4 gigs of ram for what most people do on the internet is BARELY enough to stream video properly. Does not include a keyboard or a mouse & keyboard & Apple keyboards are PRICEY. Apple OS is EXTREMELY proprietary… not much tampering allowed.

In all honesty, the cons can all be solved rather easily. I bought the apple keyboard/ mouse combo for $140, but there are MUCH cheaper options out there. I maxed out the machine with 16 gigs of RAM because I couldn’t deal with the stock 4 & the thing flies. Apple being so Nazi about their OS is really the only thing that can’t be solved with an upgrade. If you really wanted to, Windows can be run on this thing… just takes someone who really knows their stuff.. but if you know that guy, I guarantee they aren’t going to tell you to get a MacMini.

But I digress, this is a good purchase to make. If you’re using it for whatever short of video editing or music producing, replacing the RAM will allow you to do whatever you really need to. Great machine.






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Blisteringly good Budget / Browsing Laptop !
I don’t often take the time to write reviews, but when I do, it means I am impressed. So, my wife wanted her own PC after realizing that her Tablet couldn’t do quite everything that was needed online. So to clarify things .. MY laptop that she was using is an Alienware 7th Gen Processor SSD and a gaming laptop, so its pretty fast … and herein was the problem ! …. Now I have to buy a laptop as fast as mine for what she does !

Now .. I game ! She does not ! so … after careful browsing, spec choosing.. I came up with this deal ! Read the reviews .. all the UPs and all the DOWNS ! Short story ….. We have had the laptop for a week and IT IS PERFECT FOR HER !

SSD and 8GB on W10 with hardly ANY bloatware …. this things boots up like a champ, rivaling my Alienware 17r3 !
After setup which the damn computer spoke to me and told me what to do …. after making sure the updates were done and after downloading my virus software protection on there .. I gave it to my wife and said … have at it !
She browsed, Facebooked, Pinteressed, Googled and did all the stuff she does .. AS FAST AS SHE WAS USED TO !!!
She LOVES this little monster of a deal and I am nothing but impressed ! Does she or will she game ? No ! So I cannot not will I even try to throw comparison specs on this ! I bought it for ONE reason ! and it is a powerhouse browser in responsiveness, power up and display !

Now, the BAD reviews I read were for Battery life and I just wanted to give you all a heads up because I think I found the reason for the bad reviews ! For those of us used to Laptops and using the SHUTDOWN sequence in W10 …. you wait until the screen goes blank and the screen blackens .. then you close the lid ! Ummmm ! Wrong ! One morning I got up to find my wife’s laptop on the kitchen counter but I heard the fans going ! I asked her .. "You did shut down the PC properly ? You didn’t just close the lid ? You know that just makes it sleep right ?"
She was adamant that she did ! So I asked her to do it in front of me ! She CLOSED W10 properly … the screen went blank BUT the power down sequence never completed all the way ! THE POWER LIGHT ON THE FRONT WAS STILL ON ! It was in SLEEP mode !

I showed her the difference WAITING for the PC to FULLY shut down AND THE POWER LIGHT ON THE FRONT OF THE LAPTOP TO GO OFF ! (about another 1.5 seconds after the screen went black lol ! )

HEY PRESTO ! No dead battery in the morning ! In fact, my wife has used the PC the past THREE nights for hours without charging !
She is super happy with the Laptop, performance and speed.

Anyways … Just wanted to send this shoutout to others that complained of battery life ! No problems here ! and as far as I’m concerned, owning a 2.5k Gaming Laptop that runs VR, which my wife used until she got this one ……. WHICH, she finds AS FAST for what she does !

Nuff Said !

Depending on what you need it to do … This thing can do it !
Trust me .. if it wasn’t performing I’d be listening to the moaning and complaining that it wasn’t as good as my Laptop !

Mouse suggested is AOK aswell for 9.99 …. VicTsing MM057 2.4 Wireless Portable !
Good response time Nice feel for a cheap laptop mouse .. good touch and feel and scroll wheel.

The ONLY problem I had when initially powering up, was it kept looking for the DVD as the primary boot and got stuck in a loop.
Quick F2 on boot and setting the SSD as primary solved this issue. Now for me, it was a no brainer, but watch out if that happens to you .. might have been a few phone calls and some frustration, something missed on the pre-programming of the BIOS?

Hope this helped.

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