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amazon laptop computers sale,OOAK Handmade Scissor Fob Key Fob Purse Charm Dangle Orchid Black,riding mower lift

So far I’ve played shooters, third person shooters and even Strategy games on it. I’ve played only a few games so far because I’ve only had it for about a week. I’ve been able to play Resident Evil 5, Halo CE, Command & Conquer 3, Halo Wars, Oblivion, Skyrim, Fallout NV, and project 64 on it without any real issues. if you want to know if it will run whatever game you are thinking about running on it just Google “GPD WIN 2 xxx” on google and you will most likely find an answer. Mouse support does work out when trying to game. The keyboard is actually pretty neat. the WASD keys are slightly larger then the others so that you can feel them with your fingers in case you are playing with those. the left analog stick is programmed to function as the WASD keys.

One of the downsides is that the thing does get rather hot in my hand. Not so hot as to where you can’t hold it in your hands, but it can be felt. But it doesn’t bother me. I’ve also seen and heard of some games that don’t want to go into full screen properly. I actually had this problem with Project 64 so I just played in in Windowed mode and it works just fine. I can assume that could be the fix for any other games that have that problem. I’m going to try that out.

I was amazed at how small this was when I opened it. This PC packs a lot of power in a small package. I have it hooked up to my 55" tv with an HDMI cable and have the resolution set to 4k and it runs without any problems. All of the video and sound come through the HDMI so you will not need any other cables to make this work. Once plugged in I hit the power button and Cortana walked me through the setup. Within 10 minutes it was up and running. This is sitting right next to my router so I connected to the internet with an ethernet cable. I can’t speak for how the wifi is but I am getting gigabit transfer speeds to and from my NAS. I also ordered a mini bluetooth keyboard that has a touchpad on it to control the PC with. It connected easily and the range reaches across the room without any problems. I originally had a 2.4ghz wireless keyboard connected it struggled at the same distance. If anyone is interested this is what I am using https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B076DXN2JV/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

The only negative that I can say about this mini PC is that it didn’t come with any setup instructions. Even though setup is fairly straightforward this might be a problem for some people. All of the default settings seem to be fine except for the storage setting and possibly the screen resolution. The PC has a 32GB eMMC that the OS is installed on. This only leaves about 8 gigs of storage left. The default storage location needs to be changed to the included 128GB SSD. The default resolution was set at 1080P which will probably work for most people but I changed it to a 4k setting. These are very minor issues but can be confusing to people especially without instructions being included.

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Overall though I think it is a great system and idea. Honestly I think there is an untapped market out there for this kind of potential gaming. I think if the right manufacturer put the time and effort into this area then they could make some money. But it would have to be small. Something people could play in the car, bus, plane, walking without it being too big to hold in your hands. I really hope my review can help out people. This is the first one that I’ve done that is this extensive. I will come back and provide more details as time goes on with this thing. Maybe even post some pictures.
Loved my iPad Pro, and it got here when it said.


I bought the boy size 14/16 to get the correct width knowing that I will have to shorten the sleeves and the body length as I am not of standard height. The wear is very comfortable and it washes well too. At least the garment is nice to handle in doing the alterations.

The controller built it works surprisingly well ended up getting an app on steam called Controller Companion and you can manually map controls to games or just go subscribe to ones that are already made by other people and it works. Not every game that was made has controller support built into it so if definitely helps in making the gaming more comfortable.

CYBERPOWERPC Gamer Master GMA7000CPG PC (AMD Ryzen 5 2400G 3.6GHz,…

One of the things I hope for the next version is that they make the sides in the shape of a controller so if will be more comfortable to hold in my hand and just feel right. I wish I had a camera so that I could make a video review and post it but sadly I don’t have one.

Works great, specs as advertised. Upgraded to Windows 10 great, and I’ve had absolutely no problems with it in about a month and a half of use.
Beautiful and just as colorful as the picture. Works perfectly and all my friends are jealous of my lighter as planned!

A famous classic most welcome to my Windy collection. Again thanks.



8 inches

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Orchid and black
Orchid and black


The colors are very vibrant on the shirt and the quality is very well stitched and fit and finish is very nice. Fitz my son very well and even after a few washes the colors are still as new


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I use this with an Intel SSD; the USB 3 port works fine, but I have tried 3 different eSata 2 controllers without success; a laptop with a native eSata 3 port does work, The lack of backward compatibility I consider a major defect.

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Wow so this thing is pretty awesome. It is practically a mini laptop with a controller support integrated in. I travel for work a lot so airplane rides are ridiculously long and boring after a while. So that’s where this thing comes in at. It works pretty good at playing a lot of not so demanding games out there and a lot of older and previous games that I’m replaying and enjoying. That nostalgia factor. One of the great things about it is that it used USB type C to charge it so I can plug it into a portable battery and am good to go until I get to where I’m going so I can charge it up. The battery life is fairly decent. on it. If you lower your graphics and do a few tweaks with the integrated graphics then you can get even longer battery life.

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